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Today, when I looked at the rosemary in my garden, with all the fresh spring growth, it looked so pungent that it motivated me to try something. I also have to admit that exploring rosemary taste is something I have been wanting to do for some time. I searched internet and saw rosemary can be used to make a herb tea. I picked up fresh rosemary branch tips and made a tea. It was very tasty.

Recipe I used: Take for one mug (about 240 ml), add about 4 cm of rosemary branch that you previously washed. as well as almost boiling water for 5-10 min.

Since I moved to my house, I bought herbs to grow in my garden in pots. Currently I am growing rosemary, 5 sub-species of thyme, flat parsley, parsley, chervil, rose geranium, laurel, tarragon, spear mint, shiso, basil and coriander. I am considering to gradually increase the number of species, also to start grow some of them in my field close to my vegetable garden and make a herb garden. I want to explore little by little the taste and the recipes of different herbs.

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