Japan Wanders

Life in Ibaraki

This is a Blog about my country life in Japan in which I want to share my progress in vegetable growing, food recipes, music interpretation, composition, and most probably a few other things too. At first don’t want to make something too sophisticated, nor too specific. I will start by trying to publish simple contents as a post-based diary, and see what will happen from there.

Recently, the progress of my projects made me want to share more details about them and try to reach new people with similar interests. Although I have been using Facebook and Instagram for few years for this purpose, I felt those platforms are not adapted to the level of detail I want to start to include, and also they lack flexibility on the contents-side in general. In consequence, I have been thinking for some time about making a Blog. Now, there I am writing the first post of my Blog. I am curious to see where this adventure will take us …

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